Security Architecture

Flexible Security.

Designing systems and processes to meet security standards and policies.
Implementing technologies to support secure operations and increase flexibility.
Wrap security around existing systems without disruption.
Phased introduction of new technologies.

Solution Architecture

Delivery Focused.

Designing technical solutions for organisations.
Network specialism, connectivity, firewall policies, access layers.
Security focussed, to manage a variety of scenarios.
Server deployments, Windows & Unix OS.
Support approaches - ensuring systems are completely supported, especially in complex outsource environments.

Network Solutions

Secure Connectivity.

Enterprise level networking, experience of the largest private networks in the UK.
Secure interconnectivity, VPN technology, implementing NCSC/CPA compliant VPN solutions.
Physical network build in secure / industrial facilities.
Data centre network designs, experience of major modifications to existing DC and green field builds.
Experience of delivering emergency systems to survive extreme events.

Operational Technology

ICS / SCADA Solutions.

Experience of nuclear industry systems.
Security of network based systems.
Low level technology controls to protect vulnerable ICS/SCADA solutions.
Dealing with legacy systems.
Exporting data from OT systems for analysis.

Cloud Services

Securing the Cloud.

Develop new services in the cloud.
Understanding compliance requirements for internal and external policies.
Migration of on-premise solutions.
Alignment with NCSC principles.

IT Consultancy

Building and Supporting IT Solutions.

Network support contracts available.
Building a variety of systems.
System discovery and documentation.
Solution build.